About Us

Los Cálamos is a project born from the experience of our team, from the desire to create a new concept of coastal project.

A project that combines the creation of a unique architectural environment integrated into nature, the sea and the mountains. A place to live, spend the summer or enjoy the seasons.

For Los Cálamos, we have brought together a multidisciplinary team, leaders in each discipline, covering all aspects of the creation, imagination, technology and design of a unique project.

Equipo A-cero


logo acero

The studio of Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares, A-cero, is one of the most important offices at national and international level, with a clear focus on unique and durable architecture.


Logo mra arquitectos

Led by Magín Ruiz de Albornoz Domínguez, MrA arquitectos works in projects characterised by their professionalism and sensitivity, from single-family homes to large architectural projects.

Equipo venture

Venture Experience

Logo Venture

Venture has developed the customer experience at the point of sale, generating spaces that transcend emotion and create memories. Venture is responsible for translating the identity features of the project into physical spaces based on the experience that remain in the buyer’s memory.

Stirling & Martin Golf Architects

Logo S&M

Blake Stirling and Marco Martín have created some of the world’s most spectacular golf courses, bringing together Stirling’s experience as a landscape architect and Martín’s as a golf course architect.

Equipo sonneil


Logo Sonneil

Sonneil uses technology and online marketing to commercialise real estate assets. Sonneil has led the market research for Los Cálamos, the online identification of trends as well as the qualitative and quantitative studies.

In short,

A team made up of leading, innovative and outstanding companies that have put all their combined talent into the creation of a unique and singular project, which has been conceived not only as a place to live in, but also to be experienced.